We at Kimberworth Park Tenants and Residents Association hold many activities during the year which involves members of the public, we operate from the Tenants Hall on St Johns Green (to the rear of the housing office) and are open on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday, 9 am till 12pm where we run a cafe serving food including breakfast, sandwiches, tea and coffee. Our café offers great value for money and we offer a range of different sandwiches and drinks.

We sell clothes and bric-a-brac which have been donated by members of the community, all the money we raise through that goes to fund various activities we do throughout. This year we have had charity days where all the money we make on the day is donated to a charity we support, recently we raised over £200 for children in need, which was a very good response from the local community.

We run up to 5 outings per year to which anyone living on Kimberworth Park can go on. We charge £8 for adults, £4 children and a family price for two adults and two children costs £24, this is cheaper than the local tour operators.

In addition we hold a fun day every year at St Johns Green as well as our free Christmas bingo afternoon and children’s Christmas party

We at the T.A.R.A are inclusive not exclusive we welcome people of all race and creed and have a wide mix of people of all races and ages.


 Pictured are members of Kimberworth Park TARA during fund raising for 'Children In Need' in 2016.  The group regularly take part in fund raising campaigns and raised substantial amounts for this initiative along with ‘Comic Relief’ and ‘Yorkshire Air ambulance appeal’. 



Community Group Awards 2016

The gold award in Making a Difference  went to Kimberworth Park TARA who were presented with a cheque for £100. This award was sponsored by Home Instead.

Kimberworth Park TARA - Gold Award 


Sarah Champion MP backs campaign to keep local community centre open

Sarah Champion, Member of Parliament for Rotherham, has today joined local residents in a campaign against the potential closure of their community hall. Sarah met with some of the affected members of the community outside Riverside House before handing their petition in to the Council. In September last year, the future of St Johns Green Tenants Hall in Kimberworth Park was put in doubt by a report from Rotherham Council. The Centre was one of three recommended for a further review, due this month, before a final decision on closures was made. Since the report was released, the Tenants and Residents Association at Kimberworth Park have rallied to show how important St Johns Green is to their community. They’ve collected signatures from those visiting and asked the users what services provided at the centre they find useful. The T.A.R.A serve breakfast at the hall on certain days of the week, as well as selling bric-a-brac to raise money for the local community. They also organise various outings and events throughout the year. Discussing the campaign to keep the centre open, Sarah said: “I’m very happy to be supporting local residents in their campaign to keep open St Johns Green Tenants Hall in Kimberworth Park. It’s important that we do all we can to try and save facilities and services which are clearly well loved within the community. “The Tenants Hall plays a meaningful role in many people’s lives. For some it’s the difference between getting out of the house for a few hours or not seeing anyone all day. You cannot underestimate the difference this can make to someone’s happiness and wellbeing. It’s also raising money which is being donated to local charities and being put back into the community. “With this petition, the Tenants and Residents Association have shown just how much the hall means to them and to Kimberworth Park as a whole. I hope that Rotherham Council take note of the many positives provided by St Johns Green Tenants Hall and make the decision to keep it open.”

Re: Proposed Closure of the tenants hall at St Johns green Kimberworth Park


Dear sir/madam,

 I am asking you to reconsider the proposed closure of the tenants hall. We the T.A.R.A use the tenants hall on Mondays ,Tuesdays and Wednesday  where we serve breakfasts, tea, coffee, we also sell clothes, shoes and bric –a- brac all the money raised goes back into the local community.

We run up to six outing a year, normally providing two coaches per outing. We subsidise each trip by charging £8 for adults and £4 for children, this means that families on low income are able to enjoy a day out which they would not be able to do if they had to pay for a tour operator. Every year we organise a fun day on and around St Johns green with various attractions all paid for by the T.A.R.A. We have a free Christmas party and disco for up to 30 children, the children receive a present and a selection box from Santa. We run a free bingo session for the people who attend the Tuesday bingo at the tenants hall.

Our prices for our breakfasts are £1.25 for a small breakfast and £2.25 for a large one, bacon butties £1, sausage 80p at the prices we charge we get a lot of custom young and old, a lot of the older people tell us if we did not open they would be alone at home, we have people from the local shops call in for a sandwich. The amount of people that say they will support us has amazed all of us at the T.A.R.A. As well as supporting projects in Kimberworth Park we have also had charity days and raised ££££ for charities, £200 for Rotherham hospice, £600 for bluebell wood, £1,000 for Sellyoak hospital which treats injured service personnel.

The T.A.R.A was started in the mid nineties we still have some of the original committee members, who like myself and all of the committee give our time free, and we feel it would be a great loss to the people of Kimberworth Park if the tenants hall was to close.

I would once again urge you to reconsider and keep the tenants hall open for the people of Kimberworth Park.


D Senior

(Chair of Kimberworth Park T.A.R.A)

 All the money raised from your donations is used solely for the benefit of the people of kimberworth park. We run numerous outings during the year which anybody living at kimberworth park can go on. We do a free christmas party with disco for up to 30 children. Every year we have a fun day on and around the green all the attractions such as bouncy castle, play bus etc are paid for by us. We have raised money for local charities including rotherham hospice and bluebell wood, so if you donate anything to us you can be sure all the money raised we be solely used for the people of kimberworth park. 

Link to cafe film

The new Kimberworth TARA logo was designed by Ellie Wilks aged 12. 

Kimberworth Park TARA have a facebook group here