Armchair Aerobics

St Josephs Court Tara has been helped with funding to keep their Armchair Aerobics class going. It has been a great success over the years and anyone can come along. They have a cup of tea and a scone after the class as they know the social interaction is important too.

The group would like to thank South Yorkshire Community Foundation for their support.The class has been running 4 or 5 years and gone from strength to strength.Gentle exercises are not strenuous but when you miss a class you do realise what a difference it makes.

Fish and Chips

St Josephs Court members went out for lunch on the 24th September to the Whitby Fish Restaurant at Catcliffe. Our members really like the Whitby the service and food are excellent - not one complaint, can't be bad. The Tara used the Community Transport to the restaurant the service was very good and was a lovely afternoon out.



A pair of TARA’s (St Josephs, and Clarence & Howard Street TARA) went to Scarborough for Armed Forces Day on 28th June. In total 70 people attended so we all squeezed into two buses. The weather was certainly on our side as it was a lovely day which made all the difference. People from all over attended and there were a lot of them, in fact I believe it was the most I have ever seen before at Scarborough. There were a marching band along with the forces of Army Cadets, RAF Cadets, an air display, a sea rescue helicopter and a Vulcan Bomber display, plus if that wasn’t enough the finale was a fly past of the memorial flight of a Lancaster bomber along with two spitfires. All in all it was a very well organised event and a beautiful and thrilling day was had by all.

Forces Day
Forces Day

'Lets Get Crafty' Club

Enjoy using a variety of Crafting skills such as Decoupage, Stamping and Embossing, Parchment, Pyramge, Waterfall, Moving Pictures and much more. At St. Josephs Centre with Ann and Friends every Friday morning at 10am - 12 noon.