Workshop 1

Photos Workshop -Listening to your Community

Facilitated by Jess Clarke

The ‘listening to your community’ workshop at the AGM is on ‘talking pictures’, this involves looking at how we listen to ourselves, listen to others and listen to our communities. You will listen to yourself through selecting a photo of your choice at the start of the workshop, and then share your story. The aim of the workshop is to focus on listening skills to support you when listening to what your community wants.


Workshop 2

Forum Theatre - Door Knocking

Facilitated by Vickie Hobson and Claire Saddington 

Community Organisers and Volunteers are pleased to bring you an insider look at the stories of ‘Listening’, please do join us and see how a simple door-knock can lead to change in the community and help to  support individual residents to turn ideas into actions. We guarantee a session of humour, insight and thought-provoking acting based on our own experiences.


Workshop 3

Rotherham Federation - How is it for You?

Facilitated by Sofia Gkika, Steve Ruffle, Sabina Brabncowa and Alan Goy

A series of mini-workshops to find out how the Federation can help you and your group and how you can support the Federation.  This session  will help us plan our activities and priorities for the future.

Workshop 4

Creative Communities - Community Arts Can make a Difference.

Facilitated by Vicky Hilton and Sarah Bingham 

Creative consultation workshops based on the key principles of community organising.Brief chat about why, what , where community organiser work and their role within Rotherfed and across Rotherham's communities. We will then move to creative consultation where we will be creating artworks based on discussion, debate and our local communities.We will be looking at 3 main questions asked by community organisers when doing a community listening...