Posted: 27 April 2018

Brenda Levick was the winner of £50 Love2Shop vouchers for completing the Springwell Gardens Survey.

 Left to right - Rotherham Federation Chair Mary Jacques, CEO Steve Ruffle, Brenda Levick 


During March 2018, Rotherham Federation of Communities undertook survey research regarding the community’s awareness of, use of, and ideas for Springwell Gardens Centre. The tentpole of the consultation was a survey conducted by door-to-door circulated printed leaflet in the neighbourhood and online via SurveyMonkey, a data-form collation web-service. Around 10% of polled participants responded, with 63 completed surveys.


84% of respondents were aware of the Centre, and of them 89% had used it, 46% often. 78% thought it easy to find, though this is possibly skewed because the poll had a local bias. 74% thought the Centre user-friendly, 19 percent rated it okay, and 7% felt it was poor.


Respondents used the Centre for a variety of reasons, with over half of them citing events and a third going there to meet with staff from Rotherham Federation of Communities and a third for training. 21% used the coffee morning.


Only 8% of respondents hired other community facilities in the area. This may be because most of the poll participants did not hire venues at all, but also because there are only a few viable alternative sites locally, all of them purely commercial. Asked about how much they would be prepared to pay for hourly use of a large room/hall at the site, responses ranged from £8 to £50, averaging around £27. For an interview room (which the site does not currently possess), users would pay between £10 and £30 per hour, averaging at £18. For a meeting room/board room (which the site does not currently possess), users would pay between £7.50 and £35 per hour, also averaging at £18. Some users would appreciate and pay extra for kitchen facilities or refreshments, paying between £10 and £30 per hour, averaging at £14, but almost a third of respondents felt the price of room hire should include the kitchen.


Asked about what activities respondents might make use of if provided on site (in addition to those currently offered), it was clear that there was a broad appetite for additional offer. Most popular were Craft Classes (48%), accredited First Aid course (47%), Disability Support and Advice (37%), Health Advice (37%), Access to Computers/Internet (35%), accredited Food Safety Course (35%), Benefits/Money Advice (33%), Legal Rights Advice (33%), Slimming Club (30%), and Fitness Classes (28%). However, all suggested activities received some support.


15% of respondents might wish to hire a training room and 15% might want an interview or counselling room; this equates to nine hirers for each. 7% might want a small meeting room.


21% of respondents asked for further information about Rotherham Federation of Communities and 14%, 8 people, were interested in being part of a working group to help develop the site and its services.


This information will be used in the planning of new site layout and in scoping out what additional services and activities should be set up at the Centre by Rotherham Federation or by partners.