Posted: 08 March 2018

12 small grants totaling £1420 were approved by the Thurcroft Big Local grants panel on Monday 5th March 2018.


Amongst those grants distributed, Thurcroft Welfare Brass Band received £200 for assistance with cost of repair of some of their instruments, Hotshots Junior Theatre £200 for costumes, props and hall rental, Thurcroft Miners Welfare £200 for equipment to help maintain their grounds and Thurcroft Youth Club £180 for some room dividers.

This is the tenth set of grants allocated by the Thurcroft Big Local Partnership. All the projects support one of the three themes in the Thurcroft Big Local Plan- community pride, regeneration or children and young people. Tony Simmonds, local resident and a member of the grants panel said “though consisting of small amounts of money, these small grants help community groups and volunteers make a big difference to Thurcroft life”. 95 small  grants have now been distributed in the village.   

These grants have been made possible through a Big Lottery Fund investment and managed by Local Trust supported by charitable company  Rotherham Federation of Communities Ltd (RotherFed). More information available from Steve Ruffle on 01709 368515 or email

Name of group applying

What is it for?


How much allocated?

Thurcroft Infants School

Books and take home bags


Thurcroft Bowling Club

Summer/Spring and Autumn/winter fertiliser


Aughton Early Years Centre

Disco during the Easter holidays. ‘Disco George’, Hire of venue, refreshments/prices


Thurcroft Welfare Brass Band

Assistance with cost of repair for some of their instruments


The Willows School

Equipment for clean up


Thurcroft Youth Club

2 room dividers to corner off an area were discussions can be held and young people can sit together and chat


Thurcroft Friday Circle

To pay for speakers on various subjects to come to monthly meetings


Thurcroft Miners Welfare Recreational Ground

Maintaining ground for sporting events.


The Friday Club

Art materials for various activities for family craft sessions


Hotshots Junior Theatre

Costumes, props and hall rental