Posted: 31 October 2017

Diana Faid is leaving her job at Rotherham Federation of Communities at the end of October 2017 to take up a promotion at Clifton Learning Partnership. She has worked for the Federation for over a year and in this short time has made an amazing contribution to the work we do and to community organising in East Maltby.

Progressing from trainee to full time community organiser Diana’s support both to groups and community activity in Maltby has been second to none facilitating events and activities and helping groups and individuals to develop.

Diana organised Maltby by the Sea

Steve Ruffle Chief Executive Officer said “Diana will be much missed – she had the dedication, enthusiasm and skills to make this not just a job but a career choice. Diana  was a brilliant community organiser and we all wish her well for the future”.

Pat Cahill Chair said “Diana will be sadly missed, she is a credit to our training team in being accepted to work for the community in which she worked for the Federation”

Victoria Hobson, Senior Community Organiser said “from day one of joining the Community Organising team, Diana has shown exceptional dedication and skills, her natural enthusiasm for the work has ensured that Diana has excelled in her role and although we will miss  her greatly we are extremely proud of her and wish her every success in her new role.  We hope Diana will continue to be part of the Community Organiser Network and we look forward to continuing working together for the community.”