Posted: 10 December 2017

Rotherham Federation of Communities held a coffee morning on Thursday 2nd November 2017 to share our aspirations for Springwell Gardens Community Centre. The Federation is hoping to take on a long term lease of the building – offering more services and facilities and services to groups both locally and from around the Borough. 

Local residents, some Borough Councillors, organisational members of the Federation, staff from the Council and other individual supporters dropped in during the day  to offer their support and offered constructive ideas on how to take this work forward with suggestions and thoughts on how to make the building accessible and used by all. One member kindly agreed to do a disability audit of the whole site.

Coffee Morning

 The Federation is  already based in the building but a long term lease would allow us to do more things, offer facilities to other groups and send out more people to work across the rest of the Borough. We hope that having more space for more staff and volunteers with more resources to use will be good for the whole organisation as well as communities across Rotherham.

We are negotiating  a long-term agreement for a full-repairing lease at a peppercorn rent – that is, the Council won’t charge us but we’ll be responsible for all care and maintenance. We won’t have to pay the rent we already give to the Council, so we’ll put that money towards upkeeping the property. To cover all the costs we would need to develop more income, which means doing more things and hiring out the building to others.


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