20 April 2018

Introducing our new chair Mary Jacques

Mary Jacques has been appointed as the new Chair of Rotherham Federation of Communities.

16 April 2018

Keeping Your Home Free from Moisture and Mould

Everyday things like cooking, washing, bathing and even breathing cause moisture, whichi is released in the air. Condensation can cause black mould on walls, furniture,clothes and curtains.

02 April 2018

Federation AGM Report

Rotherham Federation Annual General Meeting was attended by 95 people on the afternoon of Tuesday 27th March 2018 at Rotherham Trades Club.

22 March 2018

Equipment Grant from Rotherham Federation of Communities

Rotherham Federation are pleased to announce that, with funding from Rotherham Borough Council, a total of 23 Applications for the Equipment Grant was successful and have received grants for their Group.

20 March 2018

Private Tenant Representative Sought

Are you a private tenant living is Masborough, Eastwood Village, South East Maltby or Dinnington Central?

08 March 2018

10th Round of Thurcroft Big Local Small Grants Agreed

12 small grants totaling £1420 were approved by the Thurcroft Big Local grants panel on Monday 5th March 2018.


05 March 2018

Pat Cahill Retires From Rotherham Federation

Pat has retired from his position as Chair of Rotherham Federation. Pat said “It is ten years ago since I first became acquainted with Rotherham Federation whilst I was on the Board of 2010. Since then I have spent most of my time trying to find ways of making it a better and more efficient Company and Charity, not always to everyone’s liking. I have loved every minute of my time at Rotherham Federation and I hope that it is now a better and more efficient place to be and can grow even more.”

21 February 2018

Future of Social Housing - Meeting Report

The Future of Social Housing was the theme of a major Rotherham Federation meeting on Friday 26th January 2018, attended by over 100 people. As well as speakers, there were workshops on a number of themes including building more social housing, who is social housing for, the perception of social housing tenants and the role of tenants’ voices.