There will be four workshops:

1. Tenant Voices

  • How do we make the regulation of social housing more tenant-focused?
  • How do we best ensure a voice for tenants in national standards and policy-making?
  • How do we ensure an effective voice and role for tenants with their landlords, including on estate regeneration?

tenant voice report- draft 020118

2. Building More Housing

  • How many genuinely affordable homes are needed?
  • How should we make new and existing social homes greener and more energy efficient?

Some of these questions will come out of Labour Party's Review of Social Housing and the Government Green Paper to be published this month.

3. Who is Social Housing For?

Who lives in social housing and who should it be for?

One of the questions asked by the Rethinking Social Housing project facilitated by Chartered Institute of Housing.

4. Perceptions of Social Housing Tenants 

How do we see social housing tenants. Questions we will ask include:

  • What is the public’s perception of social housing?
  • What the experiences and perceptions of people who live in social housing?

More information on Benefit to Society website