If you are a council tenant and wish to make a complaint there is  simple process you must follow. Make sure you inform the officer you speak to or contact you are making a complaint - not just a request for service. 

RMBC Housing Complaints Procedure  (link to pdf) 

Housing Complaint Advocate- Volunteer Positions Avaiiable

All complaints must still first be given to RMBC giving them an opportunity to put the problem right. Then an approach can be made to RotherFed's Designated Tenant Panel if you are unsatisfied with the response. 

The role of the designated person or panel is to assist in resolving tenant complaints. They are there to provide a fresh and independent perspective on problems. They are not there to be a tribunal, carry out the role of the Ombudsman or to act as another stage in the Council’s complaints process. Broadly the designated role is one that will be impartial, acting as an ‘honest broker’ and where necessary constructively challenging either side in the process. 

RMBC Protocol of Understanding

RMBC Tenant Panel Standards

RotherFed DTP Terms of Reference

Contact us if you need support from RotherFed's Designated Tenant Panel.