The representative is Monica Hudson.

We are facilitating their kind offer of FREE impartial, independent and confidential 30 minute individual drop-in sessions for unsalaried carers, through Rotherham Carers Forum, when carers can ask key questions they may have around their benefits or other issues with one of the Rotherham Citizens Advice volunteer advisers. If it is decided that a carer may need more detailed advice, such as form filling, debt advice or a full benefit check, then Rotherham Citizen Advice will book the carer on a further one or two hour appointment, depending on the issue.

 These sessions are to coincide with the monthly Rotherham Carers' Forum meeting which happens each first Wednesday of every month between 12 noon and 2pm.  The sessions will run from 1pm through to 3pm.

We usually meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Carers’ Corner, Room 41, RAIN Building, Market Hall, Eastwood Lane, Rotherham, S65 1EQ between 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm. 

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