RWe a disabled and carer self help group that has been set up as a self help group for Disabled people in the Aston cum Aughton area. To work at grass roots level that mainly none of the charities have time and facilities to operate.

Our main aim that the information gathered and acted on is generated and identified by Disabled people in there own District or area. Single people are not listened too because they in most cases are not considered in there area or district.  The instigation of the DDA2010 is alright for the government and council buildings but getting out and about in there area is a different area. The bigger the area the bigger the problem.

Being a self help group takes the frustration out of banging the head against a brick wall. It also helps the disabled people identify the problems in there area e.g. Kerb droppings, pedestrian refuges, Highlighting access problems to the smaller shops ,Parks and other areas of daily life in there area.

If the disabled person is looking into getting employment they can add onto there CV many experience of the following.

  • Voluntary work
  • Information collecting
  • Investigating problems and identifying contacts to respond to.
  • Communication skills with others in the group and with national or local bodies.

This along with helping the put pressure on local councils and business it will help present and future disabled people getting around. Usually due to the present cuts Disability officers on the council are either done away with or water down of the function usually of people who have little or non experience of what disabled people require. 

Audit of No Go Areas for Disabled in Aston Cum Aughton