Sign up to three from the following workshops 

Workshop 1: DIY

Staff from  Fortem will show how to do a variety of small jobs around the house

Workshop 2: Forum Theatre

The forum theatre workshop will be an opportunity to discuss antisocial behaviour and what we can do about it.

Workshop 3: Repairs and Maintenance

An opportunity to ask questions and find out about your repairs and maintenance service. Staff from RMBC, Fortem and Mears will be available to speak to.

Workshop 4: Making the Most of your Money

RMBC staff will tell you about universal credit, how the benefit system will affect you and how to manage your finances effectively

Workshop 5: Getting involved 

An interactive session - how to get involved in your local community and make a difference - facilitated by staff from RMBC and RotherFed.

Workshop 6: Young Tenants Making a Difference

How young tenants can make a difference and be involved in housing services. 

Workshop 7: How TPAS Can Help You

Louise Thompson will tell you how membership of TPAS can provide support to council tenants who wish to be involved.


Staff Awards

Community Group Awards